Saw these while lurking hildidrawsdicks' blog, but only one was in the main post while the others were just added in the captions and in gray box form. I think they all deserve to be seen in the main post, yes? (source)

the pounding fathers

Rhys would look great like this

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The two states in which i prefer my men

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Got a new theme! Thanks everyone who gave me suggestions and such, you are wonderful :)



Men Replace Women in Sexy Motorcycle Ads 

I wish I looked that good in heels.

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  •  Thinking of getting a new theme. Any suggestions? It would be appropriated.
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How many marshmallows can you fit in your mouth, and still say "fluffy bunny" afterwards?

About three of the jumbo ones….haha i cant handle more

url: 8/10

icon: 5/10

theme: 10/10

posts: 6/10

overall:7 /10

following?: no but ily

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you gotta buy what you break 


you gotta buy what you break 

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Some photos of my Claret cosplay~!

Claret from Teahouse
Photos taken by Tiikeri
Model and editing by me